Q1: How do I become a member? Do I have to do anything?
A1: Yes. You will need to download the membership application and mail in the completed form, along with the appropriate membership fee. It is strongly recommended that you also sign up for the on-line mailing list so you can continue to receive updated information.

Q2: How do I register for a trip or event?
A2: All trips and events are listed on the JSSI Activity Schedule along with Trip Leader contact information. Once you have determined which trip you would like to attend, check the Trip Availability on the Updates page to see how many open spots are left. Download the flyer/trip registration form and mail it, along with your payment, to Jersey Ski & Sports, Inc., PO Box 1004, Newark, NJ 07101. Be sure to write the name of the trip on your check for your future reference.

Q3: Do I have to be a member to attend club trips?
A3: Yes, membership is mandatory for all club trips. With the exception of a day trip.

Q4: Can I bring a non skier on a trip?
A4: Yes, non-skiers/snowboarders are welcome. Our goal is to expose to anyone who is interested to the sport of skiing and snowboarding.

Q5: Can beginners go on all of the trips or just certain ones?
A5: All trips are open to everyone, and in trip selections resorts are reviewed to ensure that all levels of skiers can enjoy themselves.

Q6: As a beginner, what will I need on a ski trip?
A6: Here’s what you should try to have:

Basic clothes (socks/underwear/sweaters/jeans)- Travel and Socializing
Waterproof and if possible windproof jacket (Various Brands-Depends on how much $ you want to spend). Dependent upon amount of insulation and season, fleece vest or jacket may be needed
Waterproof bib or Jumpsuit (jacket and pant together)
Waterproof ski pants, bib or jumpsuit (jacket and pant together)
Moisture-absorbing long johns (the first layer of clothing that pulls moisture away from your skin)
SPF Lotion
Rental skis, poles, and boots if you don’t already have them. Most resorts provide rentals for an additional fee. Prices will be listed on the trip flyer.

Q7: Can I come as an individual? Is there a single’s supplement?
A7: Singles are matched with another single person of the same gender, unless you indicate on your trip registration form that you would like a specific individual as your roommate. On certain trips you may have the option of requesting your own room, at an additional charge. The designated Trip Leader will have the pricing information.

Q8: What if I have a car and don’t need transportation?
A8: For all trips within the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, bus transportation is included unless otherwise stated. However, you can choose to drive to a specific location. On certain trips car rentals are procured. Everyone who wishes to be a driver must give a rental company their credit card number.

Q9: After signing up for a trip, when can I expect to get trip info (directions, lift ticket sometimes, air ticket)?
A9: The club gets all materials from the tour operator or resort 3 to 4 weeks prior to the scheduled trip. Information for East coast trips is given out on the bus. West coast trip information is distributed 2-3 weeks prior to the travel date.

Q10: What if I didn’t like rooming with a certain person from a previous trip? How can I change that?
A10: JSSI Trip Leaders try to rotate people, unless otherwise requested, with others so they may get better acquainted with other club members. If you would like a specific roommate, please indicate that person’s name on your trip registration form.

Q11: If a trip runs out, can it be expanded and is there a waiting list?
A11: The sooner a trip fills out the sooner we can possibly get more space. However, in some cases such as Killington, because of the popularity, it sometimes is not possible. We encourage people to register early for this reason, so that if demand has been met we can increase the supply. In addition, a waiting list will be started; usually there are 5% cancellations.

Q12: What if I want to leave/depart from a certain airport or at a different time?
A12: Depending on the availability and time, this option is always available. However, if your arrival time or departure time differs from the rest of the group, it will be your responsibility to make arrangements for your own airport transportation to/from the airport at your own expense.

Q13: What if I miss my flight?
A13: Should you miss your flight it will be your responsibility to coordinate alternative flight plans with the airline. It will also be your responsibility to make arrangements for your own transportation from the airport to the resort as well.

Q14: Can I request my own room?
A14: No one may request their own room UNLESS a single’s supplement is paid for. Dependent upon the trip will depend upon if there is availability.

Q15: What if I only intend on going on one trip, do I still need to pay for membership?
A15: Membership is mandatory in order to attend a club trip.

Q16: Can I request a roommate?
A16: Yes, prior to final trip info going out, you will be sent a list of all people attending. If at all possible, we will put you with the person you indicated on your trip registration form.

Q17: Can I suggest a future destination or event that I think that the group may be interested in?
A17: Yes, please go to the CONTACTS page and send an e-mail to the respective address, setup for this purpose. Please let us know as soon as possible, since we tend to plan 6-12 months in advance.

Q18: Can I bring my child?
A18: Yes. JSSI is a family-friendly organization and encourages its members to introduce their children to skiing and snowboarding. As an incentive for members to bring their children, we often offer discounted rates for children.

Q19: I am a non-member, but want to attend an event – Can I go?
A19: You are most certainly welcome to join us. For day trips a nonmember rate is also stated on the flyer and registration form.