General Info

Club Address

Jersey Ski & Sports Inc., PO Box 1004, Newark NJ 07101

General Meetings

General Meetings will be held on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm; December, January, February, March, June, & September at REI 280 State Route 10, East Hanover, NJ. Only active members and life members may participate in JSSI operational matters.


Trip and event updates will be sent out via the club newsletter and e-mail.


JSSI is a family oriented club and encourages its members to introduce their children to the sport of skiing and snowboarding. Children are always welcome; they are to be fully supervised at all times by their parents and guardians. Please inform your group leader or club president, if you are bringing children since reduced youth rates may available.


Members may choose to drive their own car to certain trips. On certain trips, car rental information may be made available. Everyone who wishes to be a driver must give the rental company their credit card number.

Air Tickets & Mileage

Trip attendees can sometimes make their own travel arrangements. However, in the event that club air has already been booked with an airline or tour operator, the club air must be purchased unless there is no more space available. When making arrangements, it is highly recommended that you arrive at the same time as the group. If you cannot, then you are fully responsible for making your own transportation for the outbound and return portions of the trip. Frequent flier miles are owned by the name that is stated on the ticket.


It is the club’s responsibility to provide each person a single person pillow. This includes a loft situation, a bedroom with a double bed, or twin beds. Members may request to room with someone. In the event that members do not, they will then be paired up with someone of the same gender. Couples will be put into the same room with one bed. Sleeping arrangements are not negotiable. The club allocates beds in conjunction with fulfilling its responsibility. People may request to be in the same condominium but cannot demand which rooms they wish to occupy. If condo members agree to change their sleeping arrangements, they may do so. JSSI assumes no responsibility for any ensuing dissatisfaction. Bedding coordination is done 5-6 weeks prior to the trip. In the event of staying at a condominium, the bedding coordination may need to be changed. Most management companies will not guarantee bedding configurations even though a specific bedding configuration request has been placed. A management company is only required to deliver on the type of condominium that was paid for. (E.g. We request a 2BRw/ loft that is configured 1 Queen, 2 twins and 2 twins and they can give us a condominium in the configuration of 1 Queen, 1 Queen and 2 Twins.) JSSI does its best to guarantee configuration prior to the trip. However, the final product is not always within our control.

Lodging Deposits

A credit card is required at a hotel or condominium as a security against damages and telephone usage. Damages, telephone and room service charges will not be paid by JSSI.